Kids Easy Reader books

These easy readers are new to our shelves in the last 30 days (most recent on top). They are for kids just starting to read on their own.

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The big snow / by Wiley Blevins ; illustrated by Jim Paillot.
"Ick and Crud are surprised when duty calls them outside and they discover the first big snowfall of the season. The two pals enjoy the snow, but then Bob, the human takes them to the neighbor's house to warm up. Readers will enjoy the surprises as the ca…
Marvel Captain America : this is Captain America / adapted by Brooke Dworkin ; interior illustrated by Val Semeiks, Bob McLeod, Hi-Fi Design, and the Storybook Art Group.
Details the life of Steve Rogers and tells how he took part in a secret military experiment to create a super soldier and became Captain America, the greatest soldier the army has ever known.
The giant jelly bean jar / by Marcie Aboff ; pictures by Paige Billin-Frye.
Shy Ben loves jelly beans and every week he goes to Jo-Jo's Jelly Bean Shop hoping to guess the riddle that will win him a whole jar full of beans, but he needs help from his sister to spit out his answer.
Lemon pirates! / by Mary Man-Kong ; illustrated by Dave Aikins.
The Top Wing cadets must rescue lemons from pirates.
Nazboo's kazoo! / by Delphine Finnegan ; illustrated by Dave Aikins.
"What will Zeta do with Nazboo's magic kazoo?"--Back cover.
Moana and Pua / adapted by Melissa Lagonegro ; illustrated by Disney Storybook Art Team.
"Moana meets a little piglet who becomes her best friend!"--Page [4] of cover.
Sunny Day. Join the team! / adapted by Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Susan Hall.
Sunny Day and her friends enjoy a day playing soccer, but Lacey, determined to win at any cost, decides to cheat to get her way.
A gift for Goose / Tad Hills.
When Duck has a gift for Goose, he puts in a box that he painted with red, blue, and yellow stripes.
Wild Kratts, wild cats! / by Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt.
PBS's successful animated show Wild Kratts joins the adventures of zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt as they travel to animal habitats around the globe. Along the way, they encounter incredible creatures while combining science education with fun. Boys an…
Amelia Bedelia : under the weather / by Herman Parish ; pictures by Lynne Avril.
When Amelia Bedelia wakes up with a fever, she passes the time learning about weather, resting, and eating some chicken soup.
Doctors to the rescue / adapted by Meredith Rusu.
When Pedro Pony gets hurt, Doctor Brown Bear, Doctor Elephant, Doctor Pony, and Doctor Hamster all show up to save the day, and Peppa and her friends learn what each doctor does to make patients feel better.
The secret of Shazam! / by Christy Webster ; illustrated by Erik Doescher.
Billy Batson meets a wizard who gives him special powers to transform into the superhero Shazam, who is super-strong, super-fast, and super-brave.
Dumbo / by Christy Webster ; illustrated by Francesco Legramandi.
An adaptation of the Disney classic movie in which a big-eared elephant overcomes his fears and learns to fly with help from his friend.
Pete the kitty and the case of the hiccups / by James Dean.
When Pete the kitty gets a case of the hiccups, he asks his wisest friends for help.
I wish I was a wolf / by Jennifer Bové.
Introduces wolves, describing their physical features, what they eat, where they live, and how they care for their young.
Harriet Tubman : freedom fighter / by Nadia L. Hohn ; pictures by Gustavo Mazali.
A biography of the Underground Railroad conductor depicts her early life as a slave, her dedication to helping others escape from slavery, and her life after the Civil War.
Dr. Seuss's 1 2 3.
Rhyming text introduces counting, in a text with art from Dr. Seuss books.
Pinkalicious and the flower fairy / by Victoria Kann.
Pinkalicious transforms her garden into a pink wonderland in hopes of enticing the flower fairy to visit.
Biscuit loves the park / story by Alyssa Satin Capucilli ; pictures by Pat Schories.
When Biscuit and his owner go to the park to play, Biscuit chases a ball and becomes lost.
Poof! a bot! / by David Milgrim.
Illustrations and simple text relate how Zip, the unlucky alien magician, zaps a bot and tells it what to do, but the bot does not listen. Includes note to parents, introduction to the books vocabulary, and reading comprehension questions.
Hamster Holmes, a bit stumped / by Albin Sadar ; illustrated by Valerio Fabbretti.
Hamster Holmes and his firefly friend, Dr. Watt, investigate the mysterious disappearance of patio tiles at the home of Rufus Feathers.
Float, flutter / by Marilyn Singer ; illustrated by Kathryn Durst.
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text portray animals of all kinds hurrying to a very special destination.
Bunny will not smile! / written and illustrated by Jason Tharp.
Big, a bear with a problem, invites readers to help him get his friend Bunny to smile.
Party pigs / by Eric Seltzer ; illustrated by Tom Disbury.
"In rhymed text, two families of pigs meet up at a lake for a day-long birthday party that involves games, watersports, picnicking, and some time on an extra-bouncy trampoline"--Provided by publisher.
Emmet to the rescue / by Julia March.
Follow along as Emmet and his friends work together to save Bricksburg from the LEGO Duplo invaders.
Awesome heroes / by Rosie Peet.
Follow Emmet, Lucy, Batman, and Unikitty as they face a new threat from outer space--the LEGO Duplo invaders.
Hunk's story / by Cala Spinner ; illustrated by Patrick Spaziante.
Details Hunk's adventures from his days as a student at the Galaxy Garrison to how he became a Paladin and worked to bring others together with his cooking skills.
Daniel can dance / by Delphine Finnegan ; poses and layouts by Jason Fruchter.
Daniel Tiger learns how to dance as he claps his hands, taps his foot, and snaps his fingers with the music.
Allura's story / by Cala Spinner ; illustrated by Patrick Spaziante.
Details Allura's adventures from her days as a princess on the planet Altea to how she became a Paladin and worked to free other planets under Zarkon's rule.
Ninja at the firehouse / by Luke Flowers.
Told in rhyme, Moby puts his ninja skills to work "helping" at the local firehouse, but he ends up making more work for the fire fighters--but his skills do come in handy when a cat needs rescuing.