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Queen's shadow / written by E.K. Johnston.
"When Padmé Naberrie, "Queen Amidala" of Naboo, steps down from her position, she is asked by the newly-elected queen to become Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate. Padmé is unsure about taking on the new role, but cannot turn down the request t…
The home ranch / by Ralph Moody ; illustrated by Tran Mawicke.
"Little Britches becomes the 'man' in his family after his father's early death, taking on the concomitant responsibilities as well as opportunities. During the summer of his twelfth year he works on a cattle ranch in the shadow of Pike's Peak, earning a …
Women in the military : from drill sergeants to fighter pilots / Connie Goldsmith.
"In 2015 the Pentagon changed a historical ruling, allowing American women to serve in front-line ground combat troops. Women have served in the military throughout history. Yet no matter their title, they face discrimination and even sexual assault. Meet…
Taking cover : one girl's story of growing up during the Iranian Revolution / Nioucha Homayoonfar ; foreword by Firoozeh Dumas.
This coming-of-age memoir, set during the Iranian Revolution, tells the true story of a young girl who moves to Tehran from the U.S. and has to adjust to living in a new country, learning a new language, and starting a new school during one of the most tu…
You won't see me coming / Kristen Orlando.
"After finally taking down Torres, her mother’s merciless killer, Reagan and Luke have two targets on their backs and are forced into hiding. With new names, looks, and cover stories, they’re living quiet, "safe" lives, but revenge comes at a steep price.…
Be the girl : a novel / K. A. Tucker.
Almost sixteen-year-old Aria Jones is starting over. New postal code, new last name, new rules. But she doesn't mind, because it means she can leave her painful regrets behind. In the bustling town of Eastmonte, she can become someone else. Someone better…
Mist, metal, and ash / Gwendolyn Clare.
In an alternate 19th-century Italy, Elsa has an incredible gift: she can craft new worlds with precise lines of script written in books. But political extremists have stolen the most dangerous book ever scribed―one that can rewrite the Earth itself. Now E…
Shout / a poetry memoir by Laurie Halse Anderson.
A memoir in verse shares the author's life, covering her rape at thirteen, her difficult early childhood, and her experiences surrounding her publication of "Speak."
Superman : dawnbreaker / Matt de la Peña.
"Before he becomes Superman, Clark Kent must save his hometown of Smallville"--Provided by publisher.
We are here to stay : voices of undocumented young adults / written and photographed by Susan Kuklin.
The Stonewall Honor-winning author of 'Beyond Magenta' shares the ... stories of nine undocumented young adults living in America, who face an uncertain future.
Four dead queens / Astrid Scholte.
Keralie is the best pickpocket in all of the kingdoms of Quadara, but when she steals a "comm disk" and realizes a royal murder plot is afoot, she must learn who to trust and fast.
We set the dark on fire / Tehlor Kay Mejia.
"Dani must question everything she's worked for as she learns about the corruption of the Median government"--Provided by publisher.
King of scars / Leigh Bardugo.
When the dark magical force within him challenges his effort to forge new alliances and build a defense against a new threat, Nikolai Lantsov, the young king of Ravka, embarks on a journey to his country's most magical places to vanquish it.
The lonely dead / April Henry.
When schizophrenic Adele, who possesses a paranormal gift, is implicated in an investigation that involves the murder of her ex-best friend Tori, Adele must work with Tori's ghost to find the killer.
This book betrays my brother / Kagiso Lesego Molope.
Naledi has always looked up to her brother Basi, but when she witnesses him committing a horrific act, she is torn between exposing the truth and being loyal to her sibling.
White stag / Kara Barbieri.
After a century of service to goblin lord Soren, Janneke, seventeen, the only mortal in the Permafrost, clings to her humanity as she faces difficult choices.
In Paris with you / Clémentine Beauvais ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor.
Ten years after they parted, Tatiana and Eugene meet again in the Paris Metro and begin to explore their past, when they might have fallen in love, as well as their possible future.
Match me if you can / Tiana Smith.
With homecoming approaching, Mia uses her best friend's matchmaking service to attract a popular guy and then must choose between him and another student who suddenly shows an interest in her.
The girl king / Mimi Yu.
When their father names a male cousin as next ruler of the Empire of the First Flame, Lu must go on the run to reclaim her birthright, leaving her younger, timid sister, Min, to discover her own hidden power.
My almost flawless Tokyo dream life / Rachel Cohn.
On her sixteenth birthday, Elle Zoellner leaves the foster care system to live with the father she never knew in Tokyo, Japan.
Stain / A. G. Howard.
Lyra, the silent princess of daylight, must find a way to make noise and pass a series of tests to stop a pretender from stealing her betrothed prince and crown.
Evermore / Sara Holland.
Jules delves into the stories of her own past to clear herself of murder charges and uncover clues about the girl who is both her oldest friend and greatest enemy.
Rebel voices : the global fight for women's equality and the right to vote / written by Louise Kay Stewart ; illustrated by Eve Lloyd Knight.
"A history and collection of stories from the fight for women's suffrage around the world"--Provided by publisher.
The me I meant to be / Sophie Jordan.
Told from separate viewpoints, best friends Willa and Flor are tempted by love that would violate the Girl Code when Willa's long-term crush, Zach, breaks up with Flor, who is fighting her own crush on her math tutor.
Going viral / Amy Alward.
When a magical virus starts spreading through the city, Sam Kemi must go to a remote village in a far-flung country to find the cure.
So glad to meet you / Lisa Super.
When Daphne finds a bucket list from her sister Emily and her sister's boyfriend Jason, who committed suicide together seven years earlier, she reaches out to Jason's brother Oliver.