Kids Picture Books

These are picture books. We've ordered them, but have not yet received them.

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Kastner, Emmy/ Kastner, Emmy (ILT)
Pete the Kitty's First Day of Preschool
Dean, James/ Dean, James (ILT)/ Dean, Kimberly
Merbaby's Lullaby
Yolen, Jane/ Dulemba, Elizabeth O. (ILT)
Look What I See
Barrett, Judi/ Barrett, Ron (ILT)
Clean-up Time
Kirn, W. Harry/ Mclean, Rachael (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
The Beginner's Bible First 100 Bible Words
Zondervan Publishing House
Kirn, W. Harry/ Mclean, Rachael (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates
Myers, Tim J./ Pang Bonnie (ILT)
Wishing for a Dragon
Cameron, Becky
While Grandpa Naps
Danis, Naomi/ Park, Junghwa (ILT)
When a Tree Grows
Mealey, Cathy Ballou/ Nowowiejska, Kasia (ILT)
The song of spring
Jonas, Hendrik, author, illustrator.
Sock Story
Smouha, C. K./ Marton, Eleonora (ILT)
The sketchbook
Seal, Julia, author, illustrator.
Shhh! I'm reading!
Kelly, John, 1964- author.
Rainbow : a first book of pride
Genhart, Michael, author.
Puppy Truck
Pinkney, J. Brian/ Pinkney, J. Brian (ILT)
The pout-pout fish cleans up the ocean
Diesen, Deborah, author.
My island
Demasse-Pottier, Stéphanie, author.
The Moon's First Friends : One Giant Leap for Friendship
Hill, Susanna Leonard/ Paganelli, Elisa (ILT)
Lola shapes the sky
Greenley, Wendy, author.
Little Bear Wants to Grow
Koppens, Judith/ Diederen, Suzanne (ILT)
Linus the Little Yellow Pencil
Magoon, Scott/ Magoon, Scott (ILT)
Lenny the Lobster Can't Stay for Dinner : Or Can He? You Decide!
Buckley, Finn/ Buckley, Michael/ Meurisse, Catherine (ILT)
The King of the Golden River
Ruskin, John/ Blake, Quentin (ILT)
Jacob's room to choose
Hoffman, Sarah, author.
I Love My Colorful Nails
Acosta, Alicia/ Amavisca, Luis/ Gusti (ILT)
How to Read a Book
Alexander, Kwame/ Sweet, Melissa (ILT)
The Hideout
Mattiangeli, Susanna/ Sala, Felicita (ILT)
Hey, Dog
Johnston, Tony/ Nelson, Jonathan (ILT)
Henry the Boy
Felder, Molly/ Christopherson, Nate (ILT)/ Sweeney, Tara (ILT)
Hamster sitter wanted
Gunaratnam, Tracy, author.
Growing Season
Cocca-Leffler, Maryann
Firefly Home
Clarke, Jane/ Teckentrup, Britta (ILT)
A Feel Better Book for Little Tears
Brochmann, Holly/ Bowen, Leah/ Ng-Benitez, Shirley (ILT)
The Earth gives more
Fliess, Sue, author.
Duckworth, the Difficult Child
Sussman, Michael/ Sard̉, J{250}lia (ILT)
Dogs and their people
Lambelet, Anne, author, illustrator.
Dinosaur Farm!
Dale, Penny/ Dale, Penny (ILT)
Dear boy
Rosenthal, Jason, author.
The Cyclops Witch and the Heebie-Jeebies
Sullivan, Kyle/ Sullivan, Derek (ILT)
The Cook and the King
Donaldson, Julia/ Roberts, David (ILT)
Clifford's Big Red School
Scholastic Inc./ Scholastic Inc. (ILT)
Cinderella Liberator
Solnit, Rebecca/ Rackham, Arthur (ILT)
Cece loves science and adventure
Derting, Kimberly, author.
Cat's Egg
Karthikeyan, Aparna/ Kastl, Christine (ILT)


Koontz, Robin/ Proud, Amy (ILT)
Bizz Buzz Boss
Mckinnon, Natalie/ Tolland, Margaret (ILT)
Bilal Cooks Daal
Saeed, Aisha/ Syed, Anoosha (ILT)
The Berenstain Bears' Big Family Album
Berenstain, Mike/ Berenstain, Mike (ILT)
Before You Were Born
Kerbel, Deborah/ Del Rizzo, Suzanne (ILT)
Bear out there
Grant, Jacob, 1984- author, illustrator.
Bear Came Along
Morris, Richard T./ Pham, Leuyen (ILT)
Awśis and the World-Famous Bannock
Hunt, Dallas/ Strong, Amanda (ILT)
As we grow
Walden, Libby, author.
The Wheels on the Fire Truck
Burton, Jeffrey/ Brown, Alison (ILT)
Patrolling Police Cars
Mitton, Tony/ Parker, Ant (ILT)
My First Busy Jobs Let's Go to Work
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
I Feel Loved : First Emotions
Ackland, Nick/ Walshaw, Sam/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Baby Astronaut
Gehl, Laura/ Wiseman, Daniel (ILT)
Where's Buddha?
Ware, Marisa Aragón, author, illustrator.
Predator and Prey : A Conversation in Verse
Buhrman-deever, Susannah/ Kitchen, Bert (ILT)
Oink-oink! moo! cock-a-doodle-doo!
Sattler, Jennifer Gordon, author, illustrator.
Now What? a Math Tale
Harris, Robie H./ Chatterton, Chris (ILT)
Nancy Goes to Work
Tucker, Krista/ Disney Storybook Art Team (ILT)
Love made
Aragon, Quina, author.
The Last Peach
Gordon, Gus
Inside Outside
Ramstein, Anne-margot/ Arǧui, Matthias
How to Be on the Moon
Schwarz, Viviane/ Schwarz, Viviane (ILT)
Hello Summer!
Rotner, Shelley


Clement, Nathan
Flora Forager ABC
Collins, Bridget Beth, author.
Felix Eats Up
Wells, Rosemary/ Wells, Rosemary (ILT)
Gehl, Laura, author.
Darth Vader
Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)
Chip and Curly
Breisacher, Cathy, author.
Who's Hiding on the Farm?
Nosy Crow (COR)/ McEwen, Katharine (ILT)
Who's Hiding at the Beach?
Nosy Crow (COR)/ McEwen, Katharine (ILT)
Where's the Astronaut?
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Arrhenius, Ingela P (ILT)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Dinosaur
Burton, Jeffrey/ Waring, Zoe (ILT)
Train Trip
Ackland, Nick/ Clarkson, Jackie (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
This Is the Construction Worker
Godwin, Laura/ Hector, Julian (ILT)
Spot Goes to the Beach
Hill, Eric/ Hill, Eric (ILT)
Safari Park
Ackland, Nick/ Clarkson, Jackie (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Pigs in a blanket
Wilhelm, Hans, 1945- author.
Our Rainbow
Little Bee Books (COR)
Open the Preschool Door
Santoro, Christopher (ILT)
NYC Abcs
Mr. Boddington's Studio (COR)
My First Thomas & Friends : All Aboard Animals!
Fischer, Maggie/ Chilvers, Nigel (ILT)
Little Tiger
Abery, Julie, author.
Little Panda
Abery, Julie, author.
A Little Book About Colors
Lionni, Leo/ Lionni, Leo (ILT)/ Gerardi, Jan (ILT)
I Speak Up : A Book About Self-expression and Communication
Meiners, Cheri J./ Weber, Penny (ILT)
I Am Unstoppable : A Little Book About Amelia Earhart
Meltzer, Brad/ Eliopoulos, Christopher (ILT)
I Am Kind : A Little Book About Abraham Lincoln
Meltzer, Brad/ Eliopoulos, Christopher (ILT)
Good Night Unicorns
Gamble, Adam/ Jasper, Mark/ Chan, Suwin (ILT)
Good Night Hugs
Jatkowska, Ag (ILT)/ Nelson, Thomas
Good Night Astronauts
Gamble, Adam/ Jasper, Mark/ Kelley, Cooper (ILT)
First Words
Holly, Hannah
First Colors
Holly, Hannah
Elmo's Lift and Slide ABC
Heath, Autumn B./ Brannon, Tom (ILT)
Disney-pixar Tales of Teamwork : A Lift-and-seek Book
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Deep in the Ocean
Brunellïre, Lucie
Curious George's Peek-a-book!
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (COR)
Camper Fun
Ackland, Nick/ Clarkson, Jackie (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
Birthday Bus
Ackland, Nick/ Clarkson, Jackie (ILT)/ Clever Publishing (COR)
1-2-3 Predators Bite! : An Animal Counting Book
American Museum of Natural History (COR)/ Barden, Amy-clare (ILT)
X-ray Me! : Look Inside Your Body
Horstschafer, Felicitas/ Vogt, Johannes (ILT)
Willbee the bumblebee
Smith, Craig, 1972- author, composer.
When Pencil Met Eraser
Kilpatrick, Karen/ Ramos, Luis O., Jr./ Blanco, German (ILT)
What the ladybug heard at the zoo
Donaldson, Julia, author.
What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive?
Lee, Mark/ Biggs, Brian (ILT)
Trains Run!
Lyon, George Ella/ Lyon, Benn/ Wiggins, Mick (ILT)
This love
Otter, Isabel, author.
This Is My Room! : No Tigers Allowed
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard/ Neonakis, Alexandria (ILT)
That's What Dinosaurs Do
John, Jory/ Oswald, Pete (ILT)
Stubby the fearless squid
Davis-Pyles, Barbara, author.
Something Fishy
Dunbar, Polly
Birch, Josephine
The quiet crocodile goes to the beach
Andriamirado, Natacha, 1969- author.
Pinky got out!
Portis, Michael.
Perfectly polite penguins
Deutsch, Georgiana, author.
Paper Mice
Lloyd, Megan Wagner/ Wahl, Phoebe (ILT)
The one-stop story shop
Corderoy, Tracey, author.
Underwood, Deborah/ McBeth, T. L. (ILT)
Noah's noisy night
Correa, Maria, author.
Max attacks
Appelt, Kathi, 1954- author.
Lumber Jills : the unsung heroines of World War II
Davis, Alexandra Nayeri, author.
The littlest Valentine
Dougherty, Brandi, author.
The littlest pilgrim
Dougherty, Brandi.
The littlest mummy
Dougherty, Brandi, author.
Little Things
Dyer, Nick
The Little Pink Rosebud
Bryant, Sara Cone/ Shand, Jennifer (RTL)/ Garland, Sally (ILT)
Bernstein, Galia
Jasper & Ollie
Willan, Alex
I Need a Plan!
Muỉ, Federica
I am a wolf
Miller, Kelly Leigh, author, illustrator.
Grandpa Cacao / A Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family
Zunon, Elizabeth, author, illustrator.
Going down home with Daddy
Lyons, Kelly Starling, author.
The Girls
Ace, Lauren/ L̨vlie, Jenny (ILT)
A Girl Named October
Mohammed, Zakieh A./ Tripke, Andrea (ILT)
The gift of Ramadan
Lumbard, Alexis York, 1981- author.
Fox and the box
Ivinson, Yvonne, author, illustrator.
Flora's tree house
Alborozo, 1972- author, illustrator.
Extra-ordinary People
Casal, Mikel
Even Monsters Go to School
Wheeler, Lisa/ Van Dusen, Chris (ILT)
The Easter surprise
Churchman, John, 1957- author, illustrator.
Easter elf
Groskreutz, Rochelle, author.
Crane & crane
Singleton, Linda Joy, author.
The Colors of Summer
Smith, Danna
Cavekid birthday
Breisacher, Cathy, author.
Catch me : a seek-and-find book
Arhøj, Anders, author, illustrator.
Camp Tiger
Choi, Susan/ Rocco, John (ILT)
The big, angry roar
Lambert, Jonathan, author, illustrator.
The Big Beyond : The Story of Space Travel
Carter, James/ Cushley, Aaron (ILT)
Back to School With the Berenstain Bears
Berenstain, Stan/ Berenstain, Jan
Around the Passover table
Newman, Tracy, 1971- author.
Anya's secret society
Nayberg, Yevgenia, author, illustrator.
Scratchie : A Touch-and-feel Cat-venture
Putri, Maria/ Putri, Maria (ILT)
Kastner, Emmy/ Kastner, Emmy (ILT)/ Kastner, Emily (ILT)
Mama Tiger Tiger Cub
Light, Steve
Happy Birthday!
Auerbach, Annie/ Eone (COR)
Good Night, World
Perlman, Willa/ Fisher, Carolyn (ILT)
All Buckled Up
Zimmerman, Andrea/ Zimmerman, Andrea (ILT)/ Clemesha, David (ILT)
Waiting for Chicken Smith
Mackintosh, David/ Mackintosh, David (ILT)
Tropical Terry
Jarvis/ Jarvis (ILT)
Sea Glass Summer
Houts, Michelle/ Ibatoulline, Bagram (ILT)
Pop-up ocean
Arrhenius, Ingela P., 1967- author, illustrator.
Peppa in Space
Eone (ILT)/ Scholastic Inc.
Quintavalle, Paola, author.
1, 2, 3, Jump!
Detlefsen, Lisl H./ Valentine, Madeline (ILT)
Mimi's Picnic
Arakawa, Shizue
You Made Me a Dad
Sala, Laurenne/ Malbrough, Mike (ILT)
Up, Up, Up, Down!
Gee, Kimberly/ Gee, Kimberly (ILT)
Toy Story Storybook
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Toy Story 4 Toy Box : Words to Play by
Francis, Suzanne/ Maruyama, Jerrod (ILT)
Cao, Wenxuan, 1954- author.
Sign Off
Savage, Stephen/ Savage, Stephen (ILT)
Saving Emma the pig / A Tale from Apricot Lane Farms
Chester, John (John G.), author.
The sad little fact
Winter, Jonah, 1962- author.
Pete the Cat and the Itsy Bitsy Spider
Dean, James/ Dean, James (ILT)
Paws and Edward
Dekko, Espen/ Johnsen, Mari Kanstad (ILT)
Papa put a man on the moon
Dempsey, Kristy, author.
Out there
Sullivan, Tom (Writer of children's books), author, illustrator.
Now? Not Yet!
Perry, Gina
Never Trumpet With a Crumpet
Gibson, Amy/ Harney, Jenn (ILT)
Nelly Takes New York : A Little Girl's Adventures in the Big Apple
Pataki, Allison/ Myers, Marya/ Valiant, Kristi (ILT)
My papi has a motorcycle
Quintero, Isabel, author.
My Fourth of July
Spinelli, Jerry/ Day, Larry (ILT)
Meet the Oddbods
Abramowitz Vermeulen, Jenne
Me, Toma and the Concrete Garden
Larsen, Andrew/ Villeneuve, Anne (ILT)
Lottie & Walter
Walker, Anna, author, illustrator.
Llama destroys the world
Stutzman, Jonathan, author.
A Little House in a Big Place
Acheson, Alison/ Leblond, Valřiane (ILT)
Lion and Mouse
Buitrago, Jairo/ Yockteng, Rafael (ILT)/ Amado, Eliza (TRN)
Patchett, Ann, author.
Isabella Artist Extraordinaire
Fosberry, Jennifer/ Litwin, Mike (ILT)
A is for Elizabeth
Vail, Rachel, author.
If I Were a Park Ranger
Stier, Catherine/ Corrigan, Patrick (ILT)
If I Was the Sunshine
Fogliano, Julie/ Long, Loren (ILT)
If Animals Went to School
Paul, Ann Whitford/ Walker, David (ILT)
I'm a Narwhal
Loehr, Mallory/ Chou, Joey (ILT)
I'm a baked potato!
Primavera, Elise, author.
How to Be a Grouch
Spinney, Caroll
Woodcock, Fiona, author, illustrator.
Harbor Bound
Bailey, Catherine/ Shi, Ellen (ILT)
Hair Love
Cherry, Matthew A./ Harrison, Vashti
The Fisherman & the Whale
Lanan, Jessica/ Lanan, Jessica (ILT)
Harold & Hog pretend for real!
Willems, Mo, author, illustrator.
Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4
Crute, Josh/ Kaufenberg, Matt (ILT)
Daniel's good day
Archer, Micha, author, illustrator.
Daniel Gets His Hair Cut
Cozza-Turner, Jill (ADP)/ Fruchter, Jason (ILT)
Coy, Eve
Cyril and Pat
Gravett, Emily/ Gravett, Emily (ILT)
Dillard, Sheri/ Pauwels, Jess (ILT)
Butterflies on the First Day of School
Silvestro, Annie/ Chen, Dream (ILT)
Busy babies
Schwartz, Amy, author.
Big mouth Elizabeth
Vail, Rachel, author.
Being Edie Is Hard Today
Brashares, Ben/ Bergeland, Elizabeth (ILT)
Bear's Book
Freedman, Claire/ Friend, Alison (ILT)
Abner & Ian Get Right-Side Up
Eggers, Dave/ Park, Laura (ILT)
Lawrence, Carol/ Zito, Francesco (ILT)
One potato, two potato
Behrens, Janice, 1972- author.
Maisy's Day Out : A First Words Book
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Maisy at Home : A First Words Book
Cousins, Lucy/ Cousins, Lucy (ILT)
Loving kindness : happy feelings for little ones
Stewart, Whitney, 1959- author.
I Love Dad
Walsh, Joanna/ Abbot, Judi (ILT)
Find and point birthday
Walin, Marisa, author.
Farm the Farm : A Lift-the-flap Book
Reul, Sarah Lynne/ Reul, Sarah Lynne (ILT)
Lawrence, Carol/ Zito, Francesco (ILT)
You're Missing It!
Smith, Brady/ Thiessen, Tiffani/ Smith, Brady (ILT)
Whose Feet?
Tarsky, Sue
Whose Ears?
Tarsky, Sue
What Does It Mean to Be American?
Diorio, Rana/ Yoran, Elad/ Mata, Nina (ILT)
What Are You Doing, Benny?
Fagan, Cary/ Denton, Kady MacDonald (ILT)
Vacation for Dexter!
Ward, Lindsay/ Ward, Lindsay (ILT)
Una Huna? : What Is This?
Aglukark, Susan/ Sandland, Amanda (ILT)/ Christopher, Danny (ILT)
A Twin Is to Hug
Ashburn, Boni/ Nez, John (ILT)
The Tallest Tree House
MacKay, Elly
Sadie and the Silver Shoes
Godwin, Jane/ Walker, Anna (ILT)
Ruby's sword
Véissid, Jacqueline, author.
Raj and the Best Day Ever
Braun, Sebastien/ Braun, Sebastien (ILT)
Pig the Stinker
Blabey, Aaron
On the First Day of Summer Vacation
Rabe, Tish/ Jennings, Sarah (ILT)
Ojiichan's Gift
Uegaki, Chieri/ Simms, Genevieve (ILT)
Nobody Hugs a Cactus
Goodrich, Carter/ Goodrich, Carter (ILT)
A New Home
De Regil, Tania/ De Regil, Tania (ILT)
My Forest Is Green
Lebeuf, Darren/ Barron, Ashley (ILT)
Mr. Posey's New Glasses
Kooser, Ted/ Duncan, Daniel (ILT)
A Mouse Called Julian
Todd-stanton, Joe
The most terrible of all
Van, Muon, author.
Most marshmallows
Watkins, Rowboat, 1967- author.
Mine. Yours.
Arnold, Marsha Diane/ Leng, Qin (ILT)
Mindful Bea and the worry tree
Silver, Gail, author.
Mermaids fast asleep
Riding, Robin, author.
Mermaid Dreams
Pugsley, Kate
Max on the Farm! : The Secret Life of Pets 2
Lewman, David/ Chang, Elsa (ILT)
Luca's Bridge/El Puente De Luca
Llanos, Mariana/ Real, Anna L̤pez (ILT)
Love the Fur You're in
Random House (COR)
Love the Earth
Lennon, Julian/ Davis, Bart (CON)/ Coh, Smiljana (ILT)
The Little Red Stroller
Furst, Joshua/ Wu, Katy (ILT)
Let Me Sleep, Sheep
McKinlay, Meg/ Rudge, Leila (ILT)
Lawrence in the Fall
Farina, Matthew/ Salati, Doug (ILT)
A kite for Moon
Yolen, Jane, author.
Karate Kakapo
Cunti, Loredana/ Curtis, Stacy (ILT)
Just Like My Brother
Marino, Gianna
It's Pool Time!
Bridwell, Norman (CRT)/ Rusu, Meredith/ Simard, Remy (ILT)
The Invisible Garden
Picard, Valřie/ Ferrer, Marianne (ILT)
I Will Be Fierce
Birdsong, Bea/ Chanani, Nidhi (ILT)
How to care for your T-Rex
Baker, Ken, 1962- author.
Honey & Leon Take the High Road
Cumming, Alan/ Shaffer, Grant (ILT)
Home Is a Window
Ledyard, Stephanie/ Sasaki, Chris (ILT)
Hello, I'm Here!
Frost, Helen/ Lieder, Rick (ILT)
The Happiest Tree : A Story of Growing Up
Lee, Hyeon-Ju/ Lee, Hyeon-Ju (ILT)
Fergal and the Bad Temper
Starling, Robert
Disney Princess My First Bedtime Storybook
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Caillou Meets Sophie : A Story About Autism
Thompson, Kim/ Allard, Mario (ILT)
Bruno, the Standing Cat
Robert, Nadine/ Jullien, Jean (ILT)
Brave Molly
Boynton-Hughes, Brooke, author, illustrator.
Big Words Small Stories : The Traveling Dustball
Henderson, Judith/ McBeth, T. L. (ILT)
The Berenstain Bears do the right thing
Berenstain, Mike, 1951- author, illustrator.
Believe : A Pop-up Book of Possibilities
Sabuda, Robert/ Sabuda, Robert (ILT)
Animalicious : A Quirky ABC Book
Dewdney, Anna/ Duncan, Reed/ Boldt, Claudia (ILT)
Aladdin : A Friend Like Him
Francis, Suzanne/ Carola, Dominic (ILT)
Wish upon a Star : A Move-along Storybook
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Who Lives Where?
Babin, Stephanie/ Kiko (ILT)
Where's the Duck?
Nosy Crow (COR)/ Arrhenius, Ingela P (ILT)
Spot, spike, spiral
Tuttle, Sarah Grace, author.
Put on Your Pjs, Piggies!
Hanson, Sydney (ILT)/ Neutzling, Laura
Lester, Alison
Peek-a-Boo Little Dog!
Imagine That Group Ltd (COR)/ Ovocheva, Zhanna (ILT)
Peek-a-boo Little Cat!
Imagine That Group Ltd (COR)/ Ovocheva, Zhanna (ILT)
Paws-itively Alien!
Acampora, Courtney/ Devaney, Adam (ILT)
Creighton-Pester, David (ILT)
I Love Space
Wortche, Allison/ Mack, Steve (ILT)
I Love Science
Wortche, Allison/ Mack, Steve (ILT)
How Do You Say Good Night?
Jin, Cindy/ Ng-Benitez, Shirley (ILT)
Good Night Solar System
Gamble, Adam/ Jasper, Mark/ Elkerton, Andy (ILT)
Good Night Seashore
Gamble, Adam/ Jasper, Mark/ Holder, Jimmy (ILT)
First Numbers
Hannah + Holly (COR)
Babin, Stephanie/ Falorsi, Ilaria (ILT)
Beyond the stars
Riggs, Kate, author.
Baby Love
Magsamen, Sandra
At the Firehouse
Biggs, Brian
The Animal Pokey
Behrens, Janice
The Yellow Suitcase
Sriram, Meera
The wind plays tricks
Howard, Virginia, author.
Why Should I Walk? I Can Fly!
Ingalls, Ann/ Evans, Rebecca (ILT)
When spring comes to the DMZ
Yi, k-pae, author, illustrator.
When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
Deenihan, Jamie L. B./ Rocha, Lorraine (ILT)
Undercover ostrich
Kulka, Joe, author, illustrator.
Stubby : A True Story of Friendship
Foreman, Michael/ Foreman, Michael (ILT)
Spend it! : a moneybunny book
McLeod, Cinders, author, illustrator.
Some Days
Orloff, Karen Kaufman/ Chen, Ziyue (ILT)
A Piglet Named Mercy
DiCamillo, Kate/ Van Dusen, Chris (ILT)
Pedro's pan
Lasley, Matthew, author.
One is a piñata : a book of numbers
Thong, Roseanne, author.
Muddy : The Raccoon Who Stole Dishes
Ondaatje, Griffin/ Wolfsgruber, Linda (ILT)
Motor Mouse
Rylant, Cynthia, author.
Mira's Curly Hair
Al Serkal, Maryam/ Luciani, Rebeca (ILT)
Marty's mission : an Apollo 11 story
Young, Judy, 1956- author.
The Magic of Letters
Johnston, Tony/ Minor, Wendell (ILT)
The Little Guys
Brosgol, Vera
It's Not Hansel and Gretel
Funk, Josh/ Taylor, Edwardian (ILT)
Ida and the whale
Gugger, Rebecca, author.
I Am So Clever
Ramos, Mario/ Ramos, Mario (ILT)
Holy Squawkamole! : Little Red Hen Makes Guacamole
Wood, Susan/ Gonz̀lez, Laura (ILT)
High five
Rubin, Adam, 1983- author.
The great indoors
Falatko, Julie, author.
Good Dad Diego
Maloney, Brenna
The Girl and the Wolf
Vermette, Katherena/ Flett, Julie (ILT)
Gargantua Jr!
Slyvester, Kevin
The Flying Light
Yang, Yuanhao
Flurry : A Mini Snowflakes Pop-up Book
Chushcoff, Jennifer Preston/ Yeretskaya, Yevgeniya (ILT)
Flubby Will Not Play With That
Morris, J. E./ Morris, J. E. (ILT)
Flubby Is Not a Good Pet!
Morris, J. E./ Morris, J. E. (ILT)
A Father's Love
Holt, Hannah/ Chan, Yee Von (ILT)
Esther's gragger : a toyshop tale of Purim
Simpson, Martha Seif, 1954- author.
Duck Is Stuck
Mouhssin, Zoubida/ Moutte-baur, Pascale (ILT)
Dream flights on Arctic nights
Hartman, Brooke, author.
Dog Vs. Ultra Dog
Wilson, Troy/ Hanmer, Clayton (ILT)
Disney-Pixar My First Bedtime Storybook
Disney Book Group (COR)/ Disney Storybook Art Team (COR)
Dazzling Travis : A Story About Being Confident & Original
Dias, Hannah Carmona/ Figueroa, Brenda (ILT)
Dave's Rock
Preston-Gannon, Frann
Crunchy, Not Sweet
Ward, Amy Frances/ Ward, Amy Frances (ILT)