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These eBooks for kids are new to our "shelves" in the last 30 days (most recent on top).


The fire ascending Chris d'Lacey.
Young Agawin, apprentice to the healer Yolen, finds that his life is linked to that of the last of the dragons of the Wearle of Hautuuslanden, Galen, and he must journey far in time and space to protect the future of dragon-kind.
Samantha Spinner and the spectacular specs Russell Ginns; illustrated by Barbara Fisinger.
"Uncle Paul is still missing. And Samantha just received a new gift from him: a pair of strange purple sunglasses. Are they another powerful present? A clue to his whereabouts? Or just a bad fashion choice? Samantha and Nipper need to figure it out fast, …
Samantha Spinner and the super secret plans Russell Ginns.
Samantha's uncle mysteriously disappears, leaving behind extravagant gifts for her siblings and an old, rusty, red umbrella for Samantha that may contain clues to his whereabouts.
Fire world Chris d'Lacey ; [cover illustration by Angelo Rinaldi].
On the planet Co:pern:ica, which is a parallel world to that of Crescent Lane, David is twelve years old and is trying to save a firebird that has been turned to evil by the malevolent Ix.
Lu Jason Reynolds.
"Lu knows he can lead Ghost, Patina, Sunny, and the team to victory at the championships, but it might not be as easy as it seems. Suddenly, there are hurdles in Lu's way--literally and not-so-literally--and Lu needs to figure out, fast, what winning the …
Marsh and me Martine Murray.
When Joey, a loner whose life consists of home, school, and the hill where he plays guitar, meets Marsh, she opens his eyes to a new world.