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This form searches for digitally formatted items only, but of various forms (words, sounds, video).

You can search for words in titles, authors, performers, subjects, etc.


  • climate change
  • cinderella
  • david bowie

You can also use * as a wildcard to take the place of any number of letters, or even by itself to match everything.


  • wom*n (matches woman, women, womyn, etc.)
  • car* (matches car, cars, card, cart, carts, carbon, caring, etc.)
  • *  (matches everything)

Check (or uncheck) the boxes next to the format types to include them (or not) in your search results.

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In Leni Zumas's Red Clocks, the federal abortion ban is still new. It's not a far future science fictional dystopia: it could be tomorrow. In a small coastal town in Oregon, four women's...
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Race Against Time
When Quinn O‘Meara discovers a crying toddler at an isolated accident scene in the Nevada desert she has no choice but to grab him and take the child to the police. But her actions make her a...
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Wake of Vultures
If you reached inside my brain for all the things I want in a fantasy novel...well, I think Lila Bowen might have done that. Wake of Vultures is a thrilling ride through an alternate Wild West,...
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